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MkLinux is a port of Linux to the Mach MicroKernel, and a corresponding
port of Mach to the HP PA-RISC, Intel x86, and Power Macintosh families
of computers.  Originally sponsored by Apple, it consists of The Open Group
Mach  (PMK 1.1) microkernel, with Linux running as a user-mode Mach task
on top. This category only addresses questions unique to MkLinux. For
questions that apply to any Mac Linux port, see other top-level categories.

Please do NOT add questions to this list.  This is for ANSWERS to frequently
asked questions only!  To ask a question, join the MkLinux-setup list (see
mailing lists below).
fray@kernel.crashing.org, marsmail@globegate.utm.edu
Answers in this category:
(Answer) How do I obtain MkLinux?
(Answer) Which Macintoshes does MkLinux run on?
(Answer) Does MkLinux run on a NuBus Powermac with the Sonnet Crescendo 604e accelerator card?

Setup / Installation / Upgrade Instructions
(Answer) How do I install the pre-release DR3 of Mklinux
(Answer) How do I upgrade from MkLinux DR2.1 to DR3?
(Answer) Partitioning Jaz cartridges for MkLinux
(Answer) How do I build a new kernel and a new vmlinux server from sources?
(Answer) How do I run a second vmlinux?

Installation / Booting Trouble
(Answer) My x machine won't boot. Why?
(Category) My system can't find the bootstrap.conf file
(Answer) Syntax error in configuration file (line 1)
(Answer) During DR3 install, I get the error "mount failed: Invalid argument"
(Answer) How to get MkLinux running on a 7600/120 PowerMac
(Answer) 1710 monitor reverts to 640x480 on PMac 7300 when booting MkLinux
(Answer) Processor Upgrade causes "unimplemented trap" bomb at splash screen
(Answer) "Unimplemented trap" at MkLinux booter
(Answer) How to change the boot delay time
(Answer) What options are availible for Mach?

X Windows
(Answer) I can't boot because I broke the server. How can I tell Mach to load the old server file?
(Answer) When I exit from an X session, the color-ls doesn't show any color!
(Answer) X crashes when I hit the option key.
(Answer) X doesn't work with my 7500, and I get no error messages
(Answer) Where can I get X11R6.3 for MkLinux?
(Answer) How do I use all three buttons of my three button mouse in X? (MkLinux)

Freezes / Crashes / Known Bugs:
(Answer) I get this message: "SIOCADDRT: network unreachable".
(Answer) PB3400 won't reboot after shutdown
(Answer) MkLinux freezes right after the line "mem=256MB"
(Answer) My Beige G3 keeps crashing with weird exceptions

MkLinux Development:
(Answer) MkLinux People and Projects
(Answer) Projects/Bugs in need of volunteer(s)
(Category) Getting Current Sources (globegate cvs tree)

(Answer) Does PPP (or UUCP) work in MkLinux?
(Answer) How can I get virtual consoles (without using X)?
(Answer) The setup README says to avoid putting MkLinux on the same disk as MacOS. Why?
(Answer) Where can I find out more about the Mach microkernel?
(Answer) Can a user shut down the machine if they are not root?
(Answer) How to boot into MacOS after the delay
(Answer) Where is pdisk?
(Answer) How to fix broken passwords/Locked out of MkLinux
(Answer) How do I transfer files to/from Linux while in MacOS?
(Answer) `df' says my disk is full, but `du' says it's not! What gives?
(Answer) My colors are hosed, even at the console! (ATI Card on PCI Mac)
(Answer) MkLinux won't route between ethernet and PPP
(Answer) MkLinux 2.1u5 boot: free_area_object_terminate!! for bug
(Answer) Why can't I read a floppy in DR3?

Release-specific Problems and Solutions For DR2.1 and Prior Releases:
(Answer) Why MkLinux Installer doesn't see any A/UX parttions?
(Answer) how can I change the SCSI id ?
(Answer) The Booter crashes with a Bus Error.
(Answer) Whoop whoop freeze (beep beep hang) in DR2.1 Update 6
(Answer) Why does RPM complain when installing new X11 RPMS in MkLinux DR2.1?
(Answer) My system hangs after the countdown at the boot dialog.
(Answer) System hangs after countdown on 7200/7300
(Answer) My system hangs after printing a line about "Mouse0".
(Answer) My system hangs at bootup with a MESH scsi error.
(Answer) I get this error on boot: "Preventative page 0 mapping failed (err 0x1)"

(Answer) Using mach_options in lilo.conf

(Category) Remote Appletalk access on DR3?
(Answer) MkLinux Email Discussion Lists
(Answer) SCSI or ATA???
(Answer) ftp new linux files with MacOS then --> your Linux partition

(Answer) My kernel panics as identd unloads when shutting down pre-R1
(Answer) Mounted root and stop here forever...

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