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How do I use all three buttons of my three button mouse in X? (MkLinux)
For the Mouse Systems three button mouse the command
xinit $clientargs -- $serverargs -middlekey 67 -rightkey 68 -nooptionmouse
works for me in Pre-DR3.
The Control Panel is configured for MacX.
MacPoint Pro

The Mouse Systems MacPoint Pro 3-button mouse works right out the box on my 
Radius 81/110 (DR3/generic pair #5), without installing the Mac-side software.
Systems Unlimited (888-409-8443, http://www.1unlimited.com) had them for $28.18 
as of 12.09.98.

Barry Marler

Logitech Mouseman
Change your /usr/bin/X11/X11 file's 'xinit' command to read as follows:
xinit -geometry 60x8+0+0 -sb -fn 6x10 -C -T "console" -e $X11START \
        -- ${X11BINDIR}/Xmklinux -logo -v \
        -middlekey 67 -rightkey 68 -optionmouse $* >> $DEBUGLOG 2>&1
  (from Roger Grywalski, entered by jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu.)
This will have the middle and right buttons work as middle and
right buttons under the X server. Note that you will have to
hold down the option key while pressing the left and right
keyboard arrows keys to have the X server recognize them as
arrow keys, though.
Kensington Thinking Mouse
NecX (www.necx.com) has a good price on these highly-rated mice:
THINKING MOUSE (MAC/ADB)                 NECX Price $  58.95
(4-button mouse) works perfect... I
suppose the same is true for their TurboMouse (4-button trackball;
not tested by me). - mlan@selection-line.net
Kensington Turbo Mouse (5.0) also works fine. - durandal@hooked.net

I've not been able to get Kensington Turbo Mouse (5.0) to work
with Pre DR3. I believe it's only working in DR2.1. I tried editing
xmodmap to no avail. I could only get all 4 buttons to do the same
thing after each change. Judging by other posts I've seen on
MkLinux set-up, I'm not the only one with this problem.

When I log-off, I see a fatal error warning for gpm mouse services.
I don't know if there's a connection. - ga11@calvacom.fr
A3 Mouse
I got an "A3 Mouse" made by MouseSystems from MacWarehouse which
works just fine.  You just load a control panel and select "MaxX"
which assigns the right and left arrow keys etc.  It's an optical
mouse, which is fine, but a little dated in its' ergonomic design.
The "MacPoint Pro" made by the same company advertises "MacX" mode
too so it should work.  It's a little more modern ergonomically.
Ralph Brands
MacTRAC 2.0
MicroSpeed's 3-button trackball does not work properly as an
X mouse with MkLinux DR2.1.  All buttons act like the first.  Setting
the middle button to Option-2 and the right button to Option-3 in the
control panel does no good.
David N. Williams
MacPoint Pro
The "MacPoint Pro" from MouceSystems has worked for MkLinuX DR2.1,
but since update 2 I have problems with the keyboard (e.g. left
and right cursor in vi won't work). Did anybody knows why?
Frank Niessen
A patch for DR3 is available which provides support for a wider
variety of three button mice on MkLinux.  The patch and a prebuilt
Mach Kernel are available from


The following list of newly supported multibutton mice is from the

 * This code was modified March 5th 1998 to handle products based on the
 * MacPoint Mouse/Trackball controllers by Fesh!.
 * The following products are now handeled as multi button mice:
 * CH Products      - Trackball Pro
 * Contour Design   - Contour Mouse
 * Hunter Digital   - NoHandsMouse
 * MicroSpeed       - Mouse Deluxe
 * MicroSpeed       - MacTRAC
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