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This FAQ-O-Matic includes topics related to any of MkLinux, Linux-Pmac (though Linux-Pmac is somewhat out-dated), LinuxPPC, and a few other "flavors" of Linux for the PowerPC. If you don't know what they all are, you might start with (Xref) What is with all these versions of Linux? below.

This FAQ is not maintained by Jon Howell. It's your FAQ, and its continued accuracy and growth depend on you submitting things you learn and expanding on the answers submitted by others. (Xref) About FAQ-O-Matic tells you more about this system.

When you add things to the FAQ-O-Matic, please don't add questions without answers. Those belong on mailing lists. ((Xref) How do I get on an appropriate mailing list?) This space is intended to have a higher answer-to-noise ratio.

Please people do not add questions without answers. They will in all likelihood just get deleted. If you have a question, use the mailing lists or the #linuxppc channel on EFnet if you like IRC.

If you want to add a new item, think about following a few suggested guidelines:

   1. Find an appropriate place to put it. For example, placing a new item
      entitled "Will Linux work on my PowerBook G3" in the "Booting Trouble"
      section will probably not help a lot of people; however, if you place it
      in the "Hardware Compatibility" section, it may. If you are thinking of
      placing an item at the top level, i.e. this page, then you probably
      shouldn't. There has to be a better place.
2. Adding a new item without any text in it is beyond stupid. If you do, at least take the time to figure out how to delete it. (It's not hard.)
3. Are you about to add something that has been answered somewhere else? Maybe it has; maybe it hasn't. But if you add what you want to say to the bottom of someone else's closely related item, then won't that help someone looking for information more than if they have to look at two (or three or four) items?

The two main ports of Linux to PowerPC:
(Category) MkLinux is Linux on a Mach microkernel
(Category) PowerPC Linux is monolithic Linux

(Answer) What is with all these versions of Linux?
(Answer) I have a Mac. Should I use linuxppc (linux-pmac) or MkLinux?

(Category) Start Here! (Getting started/First day)
(Category) Hardware Compatibility
(Category) Installation
(Category) Booting Trouble
(Category) System Configuration
(Category) X Windows
(Category) Applications
(Category) Languages and Compilers
(Category) Wish List
(Category) Distributions
(Category) About FAQ-O-Matic

Other sources for help and documentation
(Answer) Pointers to other FAQs
(Answer) How do I get on an appropriate mailing list?
(Answer) What are good books about System Administration?
(Answer) Linux Bookshelf: How to learn to be a Linux User & Administrator

Where to find software
(Answer) Where are good places to get precompiled binaries for my Mac Linux box?
(Answer) How do I install software packages?

(Answer) Imac USB (French) Keyboard
(Answer) Test

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