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This section has details on certain distributions of Linux-PPC. CD distributors should arrange to get a category here (just mail me), and should add information on what is on the CD, what's broken on the CD, and how to order it.

Should we also have categories here for how to get each distribution off the net? Or does that info belong inside the LinuxPPC and MkLinux categories?

(Category) CD: MkLinux DR 3: By Prime Time Freeware
(Category) CD:LinuxPPC 1999 Q3: By LinuxPPC Inc.
(Category) Net: MkLinux
(Category) General RedHat-based Linux Distro Info
(Category) Net:LinuxPPC
(Category) Net:Debian GNU/Linux for PowerPC
(Category) Net:TurboLinux/PPC
(Category) CD:Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1: By TerraSoft Solutions, Inc.
(Category) Net:Yellow Dog Linux
Answers in this category:
(Answer) Should I buy a CD distribution or get one from the net?
(Answer) Red Hat Installer for MkLinux
(Answer) Apokalypse: DR3 (but better) on CD (8/98)
(Answer) What's included with the LinuxPPC CD? (due 8/1/98)
(Answer) Yellow Dog Linux
(Answer) Mklinux pre R1
(Answer) LinuxPPC memory usage
(Answer) CD/FTP: SuSE for PowerPC
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