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Should I buy a CD distribution or get one from the net?
Currently, LinuxPPC distributions are huge -- around 400 megs
installed. That means a CD distribution can save you a lot of
headaches, broken downloads, and modem time.

Of course, a net distribution will always have more bleeding edge
releases. But often, you can start with a CD distribution, and
update just your kernel and a few files to catch up with the rest
of the net.

CDs that are listed here should mention what version of each net
distribution they carry, and you can check the net distribution
to see how far behind the CD is (how much you'd have to download
to catch up).

If you do go with a net distribution, please try to find a local mirror
for the site. In particular, the linux-pmac base site is in Austrailia,
but it's mirrored on linuxppc.org, which is in the US. Also, Apple's site
is notoriously slow; using a mirror will save bandwidth for web access
to unmirrored data.

jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu, haceaton@aplcomm.jhuapl.edu
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