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Wish List
I wish there was support for HFS+ Is anyone already working on this? I'd be happy to help.
I wish, hope, pray, that linuxppc will someday soon have ultra-wide scsi support. Especially for initio miles....
I wish I could get Quake 2 for Linux PPC wrking.....
Any takers? Who said that it (Q2) would never run on a Macintosh??
Wish I could use my normal 2 monitor Mac setup...
gosh it'd be nifty if i could use my ultra wide initio miles card with my PPCLinux box....especially since initio has drivers downloadable from their website for intel linux....
>Why not 603e series? I have 3 machines :(
The PowerPC 603e series *is* in fact supported. I have a UMAX C500 (essentially a Performa 6400) running LinuxPPC R4. Works perfectly.
cromel@persogo.com.br, kyle.green@maine.edu
I wish someone would take the time to properly implement dhcp support so I could use my new cable modem! Specifically dhcpcd 1.x.x will NOT compile and dhcpcd 0.x.x usually does not work.
This is a place to bring together developers and projects. Projects that are in progress, or that someone has thought about doing, go here. Status updates on the projects can be appended to the entries. Project entries should include pointers to the people who are working on or thinking about the project.
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(Answer) Wish it ran on POWER boxes.

(Answer) mklinux scsi support on PB5300
(Answer) UPS Support.. it's kinda silly to have the UPS if it can't tell your box to shutdown.. :(
(Answer) Formac Pro Raid I Controller
(Answer) Wish List
(Answer) APM [power management] support for powerbook G3s
(Answer) Are LinuxPPC driers for Initio Miles UltraSCSI board in the works?
(Answer) Wish i can access me IBM Formated JAZ or please the HFS+ Partitions or do i really need to KILL the HFS+ and use the old space wasting HFS???
(Answer) Networking iMac over Ethernet to another Mac (TCP/IP?)
(Answer) The standard installer should allow to select keyboard (us,german,...)
(Answer) Wish that linux worked on a Performa 6200
(Answer) Wish ix3D Ultimate Rez worked...
(Answer) Firewire
(Answer) Agpha PhotoWise port / ePhoto 1280 support
(Answer) MyTV/fm support
(Answer) GPS: Global positioning System (navigation)
(Answer) I wish someone would port AIRPORT or WaveLAN PCMCIA drivers to LinuxPPC
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) Wish for Darwin QT Streaming Server on LinuxPPC
(Answer) Clustering of old NuBus machines
(Answer) Support for Performa 5320
(Answer) New Item

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