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Answers in this category:
(Answer) The compiler can't find these libraries: -lsocket -lgen -lnsl -ldl
(Answer) The compiler can't find iostream.h (or) where are the C++ headers and libraries?
(Answer) I'm getting link errors on symbols like 'SmcCloseConnection' and 'IceConnectionNumber'.
(Answer) Is there a java for Mklinux/linux-pmac?
(Answer) I'm building some package that needs xpm.
(Answer) How do I make a version of Perl that support dynamic module loading.
(Answer) I have the compiler error : Comparison always 1 due to limited range of data type
(Answer) When linking I get an unresolved symbol of __trampoline_setup, what gives?
(Answer) Why does gcc's -mcpu=601 option produce broken executables?
(Answer) Qt - how to compile for MkLinux?
(Answer) Can't assign to va_list's (C/C++)
(Answer) Where can I find a copy of the powerpc ELF ABI, register usage and calling conventions?
(Answer) ld returns errors with crti.o or compiling w/ -fPIC returns errors
(Category) PowerPC Assembly
(Answer) Where can I get PowerPC reference manuals?
(Answer) Why don't command line arguments work?
(Answer) I get an error about lcrypt while compiling apache...
(Answer) Problems with X libraries; e.g. "cc -o p1 p1.c -lXaw -lXmu -lXt -lX11 -lm"
(Answer) Using egcs-1.1 with linuxppc R4 and mklinux DR3
(Answer) I get compiler errors in netinet/in.h or linux/in.h (glibc-1.99, kernel-2.1.x)
(Category) How to compile a new kernel
(Answer) How to get GTK 1.2.2 to compile successfully
(Answer) fortran compilers on ppc chip
(Answer) How Do I Compile for C++?
(Answer) Jserv and jdk
(Answer) NEWBIE HELP! Compiling Apache from source
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