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Answers in this category:
(Answer) How do I find files on my system?
(Answer) Why does dynamic loading not work in perl or python?
(Answer) What web browsers can I use?
(Answer) Mosaic produces lots of error messages...
(Answer) Why can't I use Netscape? Why won't Netscape run? (note: this is mostly out of date)
(Answer) How can I produce PostScript versions of the man pages?
(Answer) What's a good file manager for X11/MkLinux?
(Answer) What's a good Mac-style text editor for X11/MkLinux?
(Answer) What web server can I run?
(Answer) Where can I get man pages to fill in those I'm missing?
(Answer) How do I transfer files from to MkLinux while in MacOS?
(Answer) How do I fix Netscape's Backspace Key?
(Answer) fetchmail complains about smtp daemon
(Answer) What MPEG audio players are available for Linux?
(Answer) Are all Linux applications universal?
(Answer) Xemacs is broken under R5 ("TERM not set")! How do I fix it?
(Answer) How do i remove items from gnome's bottom menu?
(Answer) Can Mklinux Handle MacOS Partition HFS+ and HFS?
(Answer) Missing libtix* errors
(Answer) My PBG3/Wallstreet doesn't play audio CDs
(Answer) Ham Radio (AX.25) drivers, tools and applications work on PPC?
(Answer) What is the latest version of Netscape for LinuxPPC?
(Answer) Where can I find majordomo?
(Answer) Where to find Acrobat Reader for PPC Linux?
(Answer) Does mklinux support php3 and mysql
(Answer) MySQL / PHP3 / Apache on MkLinux preR1.....
(Answer) How to install proftpd using RPM files (general RPM instructions)
(Answer) How to install Apache/MySQL/PHP(4) on LinuxPPC
(Answer) wget keeps throwing a SegFault when I try to use it's --recurisve feature. What shall I do?
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