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X Windows
This category includes topics relating to X Windows, linux' graphical user interface. Find out about how to get X working, how to change window managers, and more.
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Answers in this category:

Getting X running
(Answer) Where can I get X11 releases and updates?
(Answer) How can I get 16/32 bpp in MkLinux X?
(Answer) Is there a keystroke I can use to kill the X server?
(Answer) My mac crashed, and now X won't start!
(Answer) X crashes when I drag a window off the screen boundaries.
(Answer) Can't run startx after 970129 update.. I get a help listing
(Answer) X crashes when I press the option key.
(Answer) Why can I only start X as root?
(Answer) X Windows "crashes" every time I exit
(Answer) How do I start X?

Tuning things up
(Answer) Adjusting the Keyboard Repeat Rate
(Answer) How do I get my non-US (se, fr, de) keyboard to work with X?
(Answer) Console xterm doesn't work; it just acts like a normal xterm.
(Answer) The screen is inverted/weird colors/grey when I exit X.
(Answer) When I'm using 32 bits per pixel, it still acts like there's a limited colormap.
(Answer) My grayscale monitor has a screwed up cmap; i.e., "blue" looks just like "white".
(Answer) My mouse is much slower in X than in MacOS.
(Answer) Can I use a Dvorak keyboard with X Windows?
(Answer) How can I get three mouse buttons under X?
(Answer) How do I get color-ls to work in xterm?
(Answer) What window managers are available?
(Answer) How do I securely display from other machines on my X server?
(Answer) Anchor text in Mosaic is white when running Afterstep on MkLinux
(Answer) My BackSpace and forward-delete keys are mapped the wrong way around. How do i get them to work normally?
(Answer) How do I set up tkdesk to work with tcl7.6?
(Answer) How do I make the delete key work in Mosaic text fields?
(Answer) X Windows is using ALL of my memory! What's going on?
(Answer) How do I turn off the screen saver?
(Answer) How can I change my screen resolution in X?
(Answer) Why does my spell checker and Java not work in Netscape 4.5b?
(Answer) How do I choose another windowmanager instead of KDE?
(Answer) How can I get an X window dump in TIFF, GIF, etc?
(Answer) Accelerated X!!
(Answer) Problem with Trackpad on PowerBook G3 Series
(Answer) What happened to option3 acting as a right mouse click in R5?
(Answer) Mouse pointer frozen on screen.
(Answer) Video settings on LinuxPPC 1999 for Powerbook G3?
(Answer) Emacs & emulated mouse buttons don't work
(Answer) How to use USB and ADB mice at the same time
(Answer) KDE Keeps Dieing at the Login Screen
(Answer) Bringing up X on an IBM 7586?
(Answer) Multiple monitor support?
(Answer) Problem Starting X Windows
(Answer) something been murdered!?!?!?
(Answer) Can XFree86 do video mirroring on a PowerBook G3 (2000)?
(Answer) Running X on a Powerbook 2000 (Bronze Keyboard)
(Answer) How do I setup XF86config for a Performa 5400/180
(Answer) How do I _stop_ X? (on LinuxPPC 2000 Q4, anyway)
(Answer) I have an energy-star compliant monitor and I keep doing "xset dpms force off" but nothihng happens! What gives?

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