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Is there a keystroke I can use to kill the X server?
Pressing <option>-<power> will kill the X server.

In linuxppc R5 (and Yellow Dog as well if it uses XFree) ctrl-option-delete will kill the x server. This is a throwback to the days when linux ran on x86 machines and ctrl-alt-delete was the keycode to kill Windows.
Patrick's method for killing X: Step 1: Hold your hands, palms down, over your keyboard so that the flat of your hand is roughly parallel to the keyboard surface. Spread your fingers out a bit.
Step 2: Repeatedly pound on the keyboard with your hands in the above position until you get a command line prompt. Make sure, when you pound, you press as many keys as possible at the same time.

See the question below about "The option key kills my X server".
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