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How do I get color-ls to work in xterm?
Use rxvt.

I don't know how to get ANSI colors working in xterm, and
color_xterm didn't seem to work either, but rxvt does this
without modification.  Color-ls works great with rxvt.

rxvt is an xterm replacement that takes up less memory.  It
works great with colors and is easily configurable with
.Xdefaults and the command line.  (some switches are slightly
different in rxvt than in xterm, so make sure you read the 
man page.)

Kenneth Lu

I don't know where Ken found rxvt; I had to get a source tarball
from Mexico. I'm uploading a binary .ppc.tgz to MkArchive, so
hopefully it'll be available there soon. (Am I missing something? :v)
kenlu@mit.edu, jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu
edit the file .bashrc... inster aroiund where the other aliases 
are the following lines:

alias ls -color=yes
fosh@fosh.com, mehul@kirsun.ne.mediaone.net
I believe the correct command is not what is suggested here but rather:

alias ls='ls --color=yes'

If you put this into your .bashrc file then you (or at least I)
get beutiful color ls. Also as a special bonus for us people
living at the "top of the map" you can even specify it as:

alias ls='ls --colour=yes'

and it still works.

Also if you like to feed ls into "less" then you should make that line

alias ls='ls --colour=auto'

and this will stop it screwing up the colours.
b.judd@xtra.co.nz, mehul@kirsun.ne.mediaone.net
As of version 3.13 of the GNU fileutils package, ls no longer supports the
--colours command line option or the LS_COLOURS environment option.
BTW, the =yes portion of the command line is unneccessary.
alias ls="ls --color"
Also, another handy alias is...
alias ll="ls -a -l --color"
for the long ls showing all files (includes dot/hidden files & directories)
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