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What window managers are available?
If your priorities include speed and simplicity, I recommend Blackbox. Availible (as of 8/24/98) from http://linux.wiw.org/blackbox, Blackbox is very fast and very small (many wm's are fvwm clones with extra stuff added on, making them slow and resource-hungry). Blackbox is 100% original code, and it's got some really nice features (like on-the-fly style switching).

As of pre-DR3, the default window manager (actually desktop environment, which is more) is KDE. Pre-DR3 also includes twm (icky), fvwm, and fvwm95.

If /opt/kde/bin is NOT in your path (you can check by typing 'echo $PATH'), fvwm95 will be launched as your window manager. This is a RedHat-customized wm that emulates - you guessed it - Win95, right down to the Start menu. To get KDE to run instead, edit ~/.bash_profile and where it says

add ":/opt/kde/bin" to the end of that line, so it reads

There are some links mentioned below for it, but see the subcategory KDE (in the X Windows category) for detailed information.


Window Maker is an X11 window manager designed to give additional integration support for GNUstep applications. It tries to emulate the elegant look and feel of the NEXTSTEP(tm) GUI. It is relatively fast (as compared to kde), feature rich (as compared to twm), and easy to configure and use. Unlike afterstep, which also emulates NeXTSTEP, wmaker is not based on fvwm. The latest sources (current version is 0.20.2) are available from http://www.windowmaker.org There have been problems with WindowMaker's dialog windows that could cause X or even the system to hang. If this happens to you, you should install Anthony Tongs X server from ftp://ftp.linuxppc.org/pub/linuxppc/users/atong/Xpmac Recent X11R6.3-Pmacs (01-1s or later) seem to work as well.

GNOME stands for GNU Network Object Model Environment. This is a graphical desktop environment, like KDE, but entirely built on open-source. The GNOME is still under heavy development, so no one should expect a working, or out-of-the-box compiling environment. Sources are available in tar and srpm from http://www.gnome.org

General information on all flavours of WM is available at http://www.plig.org/xwinman


twm comes with DR2
fvwm2 comes with X11R6.3
afterstep1.0pre2 ftp://ftp.linuxppc.org/RedHat/RPMS/AfterStep-1.0pre-2.ppc.rpm

Those above are available at ftp.mklinux.apple.com and at the MkArchive. (See the question in the root category about getting precompiled binaries for distribution sites.)


Also available:
mlvwm, a macintosh-like window manager under development, still rather buggy but it does run. http://www.bioele.nuee.nagoya-u.ac.jp/member/tak/mlvwm.html

Two additions and an update:
Afterstep is up to 1.0 (http://afterstep.edoc.com/), and it compiles cleanly under static or shared libs for linux-pmac and MkLinux.

Enlightenment is a new wm that looks incredible, and has been rewritten from scratch and is now memory-efficient and surprisingly fast.
The latest versions compile cleanly.

KDE is a project to create a whole suite of applications based on Qt, an object-oriented development library/widget set. Looks wonderful... there are ppc rpms at
The main page is:

jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu, hcaley@tdl.com, charles.j.hagenbuch@williams.edu, chuck@athera.ml.org

If you are running MkLinux DR2.1, you can switch from twm to fvwm
by doing the following:  Copy /usr/lib/X11/.x11start to your home
directory and edit this file to replace "twm" by "fvwm2."
If you are using a modern redhat-based (such as LinuxPPC 1999 Q3 or MkLinux Release 1.0 or Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1) PowerPC Linux distro then you already have several precompiled / ready for use.

These include:

- Window Maker 0.53 (note this version has some nasty bugs in it, you really should get the source and compile the lastest version of it)
- Enlightenment Developer Release 0.15.5
- FVWM 2
- lesstif-MWM
- kwm (well, it's an intergrated part of the K Desktop Enviroment).
- IceWM (this one is fast, and looks pretty nice -- however the version on the current PowerPC Linux distros is really old and should not be used. Get the source and install).

You really should get a newer version, then the ones you got on your CD, since the versions you have, *MAY* have security issues in them, or have bugs, or have had many cool new features added to them.

Other Window Mangers you Can Find at the Web You May Like:

- Blackbox (fast, looks good)
- SCWM (fast, has many schemes that look just like enlightenment, extermely configuratorable.
- QVWM (Looks like Windows 95/98 by default, but very configureble).

And A Million Others, that I have most likely forgot about (or have been released since I did this message).

Look for Window Mangers in all of your favorite places -- like Freshmeat or themes.org.
WMX - slim, fit & very fast!
Look at:

for a precompiled ppc-binary.

... & enjoy life.

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