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Where can I get X11 releases and updates?
Each version of MkLinux released from Apple comes with X11 as part
of the distribution.  Developers Release 2 (DR2) comes with the most
recent release of X11R6.1.  Since that time, X11R6.3 has been ported
to MkLinux (which includes support for 32-bit color).

The most recent version of X11 for MkLinux is available at:

There are two directories there:
   x-static - contains X11R6.3 for MkLinux (works with stock DR2)
   x-shared - contains X11R6.3 for Linux-Pmac or MkLinux and is
              is built with shared libraries

Note that since this port, the X11 package has been converted into an
RPM package available from various locations.  That RPM is as uptodate
as this.

penney@cps.msu.edu, jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu
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