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Why can I only start X as root?
X needs to be run with root privileges to access the graphics
hardware. You need to turn on the setuid bit on the X server
program to allow normal users to run X. To do this, type
the following as root:
   cd /usr/bin/X11
   chmod 4511 Xpmac-6.3
You may need to change Xpmac-6.3 to Xpmac-6.1 or Xmklinux
depending on how old your X server is (Xpmac-6.3 is the most
current one; it is based on the latest release of X).

For more information on file ownership, look at any introductory
Unix book or read the man page for chmod(1).

                  Shimpei Yamashita shimpei@socrates.caltech.edu
On my YDL Champion Seerver 1.2 installation, I had to turn the setuid bit on for the binary XF68_FBDev, which lives at /usr/X11R6/bin/, for this to work. 7/9/00.
Thanks to Jim Cole for the following additional comments (7/10/00):
  "Actually your XF68_FBDev should *not* be setuid. This has the
potential to create some security problems, which may or may not be an issue depending on how your system is used. Use of a setuid server was phased out with the introduction of 3.3.2. There is more info on this subject at http://www.xfree.org/FAQ/#Xwrapper
  "You should have a binary named Xwrapper
(in /usr/X11R6/bin) that is setuid."
Sure enough, with Xwrapper setuid and XF68_FBDev not, it allows non-root users to startx. Yay!
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