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X Windows "crashes" every time I exit
This happened to me after I updgraded my DR2.1 Mklinux release to update 6.

Symptom: Every time I exited X the screen would go blank and nothing would happen further. It appeared to me that Mklinux was hung. This happened regardless of the window manager I was using (fvwm95-2, fvwm, twm, etc.)

Solution: Upon exiting X, one can type 'screenrestore' and hit return. Everything's magically back to normal! I was also informed that 'screenrestore' can be placed at the end of the startx script (/usr/bin/X11/startx).

rwaters@cf2.com, hollis@andrew.cmu.edu

If you are using KDE and you get the ps_allocate_cluster errors, it's a problem with KDE. See the KDE subcategory.

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