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System Configuration
This category includes all the little things you'll need to tweak to get your system running right. Startup Scripts, Networking, PPP, and such are in here.
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Answers in this category:
(Answer) How do I tell linux what time zone I'm in?
(Answer) How do I boot into single-user mode?
(Answer) I'm in single user mode, but I can't write to the root filesystem OR /usr is gone.
(Answer) Finger says users have "never logged in," but it's lying.
(Answer) How do I change the colors of the text console?
(Answer) I lost file xyz. or What were the permissions for file xyz?
(Answer) Adding a new linux partition
(Answer) How do I set up my non-American keyboard?
(Answer) Why can't I use vi unless I'm the root user?
(Answer) Help! Processes are respawning too fast!
(Answer) My clock is off by X hours.
(Answer) makewhatis is broken. how do i fix it?
(Answer) IMS TwinTurbo video card Linux driver
(Answer) Default Language Problem
(Answer) How do I setup my Danish keyboard?
(Answer) How do I emulate 3 buttons with a 2 button Kensington Mouse?
(Answer) CD drive sound Help
(Answer) How to fix date/time/timezone from command line?
(Answer) Spanish console and X11 keyboard maps.

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