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Booting Trouble
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(Answer) Did I break my computer trying to install Linux? It can't boot now.
(Answer) Linux used to boot but won't anymore
(Answer) I hosed my kernel! Help!
(Answer) Same external SCSI drive, several different machines?
(Answer) Some Open Firmware Settings
(Answer) Trouble booting install disk on an IBM 43P
(Answer) Powerbook G3 Keyboard won't accept input
(Answer) Multiple Monitors settings reset in MacOS with BootX
(Answer) DMA timeout during partition check on B&W G3
(Answer) fsck stops with "file system error" while booting
(Answer) Help! A blue screen!
(Answer) help: bootstrap.conf
(Answer) "could not load bootstrap resource (#0)"
(Answer) Install/Boot problems on a PowerMac 7600
(Answer) The login screen is flashing!
(Answer) Can't boot after install. 5 partition Zero 20001?
(Answer) Getting rid of Mac OS
(Answer) Can't First-time login as Root on Lombard w/ Linuxppc-1999 and RedHat
(Answer) booting troubles with linuxppc 1999 and powermac 8600/200
(Answer) Just Installed LinuxPPC but won't boot. Says "Unable to open intial console" What is this?
(Answer) Problem with USB Device on iMac RevC
(Answer) mesh: SCSI bus reset detected: waiting for end
(Answer) Performa 6115CD can't boot MkLinux DR3
(Answer) Most X problems, in my experience, can be fixed easily
(Answer) Unable to boot using BootX
(Answer) Kernel panic - Unable to mount VS filesystem
(Answer) What are some examples of kernel arguments?
(Answer) MkBooter unimplemented trap error on Performa 6115C
(Answer) X Linux Installer thinks my 7200 has a 0.00 mb HD... help
(Answer) mac G3 Debian install questions
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