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X Linux Installer thinks my 7200 has a 0.00 mb HD... help
I have two SCSI hard drives inside my power mac 7500/75. One is a 2 GB, the other one is supposed to be a 500 MB. I would like to install a bare-bones version of LunixPPC 2000 on the latter, and thought I had done so successfully the first time. Now, however, the installer tells me (after not being able to boot the machine no matter what I did, even with only the 500 mb drive in) that the drive I wanted to install Linux to has a capacity of 0.00 MB! What is this nonsense? How come it won't let me format and repartition it, and how come I can't add partitions? Obviously I can't mount it until I have done so, since it tells me there's an error and the partition is too small. The error I get when I try to format it is simply "Can't execvp /dev/sda6" in the xterm window. If I could just reformat and repartition the drive, everything would be hunky-dory, but when I go to edit partitions, it won't recognize the drive I want to install to because it doesn't think it can hold anything and tries to get me to partition the 2GB. There are no other operating systems on either of those disks. Assistance... please?
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