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MkBooter unimplemented trap error on Performa 6115C
My computer crashes every time while starting up DR 2.1 it gets the bomb box with a bus error "mklinux booter" unimplemented trap error. In the read me it said to install the older DR 2 booter and I did but this did not work. I also tried the mklinux booter 1.4 which also didn't work. Can someone help?
I have an Performa 5200. And I had exactly the same problem. But for me it workes to set the date and time. So that the Mac in MacOS wouldn't give a message that the time and date were not set. It's strange, but for me, it worked.
Good Luck.
Yes, I had the same problem with my Performa 5260, and it worked as well. There another thing; when i firt copy the files to my disc (extensions and preferences to my hard disc, on the mac partition, it was configured for a ATAPI CDROM, so i had to change the atributes. Maybe it's not usual but it happened.
I had the exact same problem with a 5300CD and resetting the date seems to have worked.
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