(Category) (Category) Linux on PowerPC FAQ-O-Matic :
This section is for answers to questions about installing Linux. Some problems you may be encountering with installing are in fact problems with booting, so you should also check that category for the solution to your problem.

Answers in this category:
(Answer) Install problems on G3 400Mhz
(Answer) INSTALLER.COFF hangs, can't mount 1:0 (I am using > 640X480 video)
(Answer) Install exits: "Data Type 9 not supported..."
(Answer) Details for Installing LinuxPPC 2000 on an iBook SE (might apply to other systems as well)
(Answer) How do I install Yellow Dog Linux on a Pismo PowerBook?
(Answer) How to install LinuxPPC R4 on a Blue & White G3
(Answer) How to install MkLinux on a Powerbook G3
(Answer) How to install LinuxPPC on a G3 Powerbook (no floppy required)
(Answer) Booting LinuxPPC 2000 install CD can't find the live filesystem
(Answer) No CD-ROM, not much disk space, http installation
(Answer) How To Install Linuxppc 2000 in G3?
(Answer) YDL 2.1 installer: No Harddisks found
(Answer) I have a crappy monitor -- during the install, the screen goes bezerk and I can't see a thing.
(Answer) Mount Errors While Installing LinuxPPC
(Answer) how to obtain a bootable cdrom from the *.img file?
(Answer) mklinux install on 6200 not quite working
(Answer) The five files...
(Answer) How can i obtain the five files...
(Answer) Performa 6360 - Can't find insmod?
(Answer) mac g3 install question
(Answer) New Item

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