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Hardware Compatibility
Information about what hardware works with which Linux on PowerPC kernels. Please be explicit about which kernel (or distribution) you're talking about, be it Linux-PPC or MkLinux.
(Category) G3/G4 Upgraded PowerMacs
Answers in this category:
(Answer) What PowerPC machines work with Linux?
(Answer) What PowerPC machines will NOT work with Linux?
(Answer) What if I have a 68k Mac, not a PowerMac?
(Answer) Why can't I read my floppy in MkLinux DR3?
(Answer) What multiple button mice are compatible with mklinux?
(Answer) Is multiprocessing supported ?
(Answer) Hot Swappable PowerBook G3 bays
(Answer) Can I Install LinuxPPC onto a G3 Expansion Bay Harddisk?
(Answer) What about Powerbook 1400s?
(Answer) r5 installer hangs on lombard/bronze g3 powerbook
(Answer) Lombard Ethernet seems to work now!
(Answer) How do I get a PCI NE2000 ethernet card to work?
(Answer) What PCI expansion cards work with LinuxPPC?
(Answer) Keyspan SX2 serial card works
(Answer) How to use USB input with Lombard/Bronze/1999 PowerBooks
(Answer) Sony Trinitron Monitor - why doesn't it work?
(Answer) Apple Power Mac G4 compatibility
(Answer) USB Mouse and ADB Keyboard
(Answer) Upgrading your kernel with USB devices
(Answer) MacAlly 2 button ADB Mouse Works!
(Answer) PCMCIA Cards
(Answer) Dual Modems in LinuxPPC?
(Answer) PCI SCSI cards for "PC" under Linux for PPC
(Answer) Graphic cards and displays
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) Is UDI driver available on "Linux for PowerPC"?
(Answer) Is AMIGA ONE compatible with "Linux for PowerPC"?
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) Are AMIGA ONE and PEGASOS motherboards compatible with LINUX?
(Answer) PowerPc 5260/100 Compatibility
(Answer) New Item
(Answer) linux for ppc 7100
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