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(Answer) How do I repartition my hard drive?
(Answer) 'Kernel cannot read extended partitions' solution for install
(Answer) Some thoughts on partition your hard drive (Standard LinuxPPC)
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(Answer) Mach 3.0 crashing install on Mac G3
(Answer) RAM disk errors installing pre-R5 on a PowerBook G3 Series
(Answer) Mac OS Asks to Reformat Linux Volumes At Boot Time.
(Answer) The machine locks up during installation of R5 Beta on a non-blue PowerMac G3
(Answer) Installing on 7100/80av
(Answer) This is weird. Even though I turned automount off my partition still mounts.
(Answer) Biege G3 locks up during actuall installation to external SCSI FWB disk
(Answer) DR3 Install Hangs on Beige G3 Minitower
(Answer) Redhat installer fails with LinuxPPC 1999 when installing over NFS
(Answer) Help: Probing for bootstrap.conf, get syntax error
(Answer) Kernel panic: no init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. What's up?
(Answer) Moving LinuxPPC 1999 CD files to hard drive before install
(Answer) Xwindows installer can't find packages to install
(Answer) turn off MacOS VM to run mkLinux DR3 installer
(Answer) Yellow Dog instalation has X-Y-Z Bizzare errors -No FS
(Answer) LinuxPPC 1999 Q1 - Installing from hard drive give error "unable to open inital console"
(Answer) Problems accessing CDs and floppies
(Answer) Installation troubles with LinuxPPC R5
(Answer) RedHat installer not loading in MkLinux
(Answer) Partitioning HD on a PowerMac 6100 for MKlinux
(Answer) 7100/80 installs on drive but when starting up hangs.
(Answer) iMac and installing problems
(Answer) Installing LinPPC 2000 problems: Source CD
(Answer) Setting disk quota
(Answer) Disk Images
(Answer) who read cinoise?
(Answer) Renegade
(Answer) The five files...
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