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How Do I Compile for C++?
I'm a new user to LinuxPPC, and after having GREAT difficulty installing the OS, I can't seem to figure out how to execute a compiling command. Is there one in the basic package libraries, or must I install yet another piece of software?
Try installing the make, gcc, and gcc-c++ packages (LinuxPPC 2000 comes with gcc. Later releases may come with egcs instead of gcc at some point, in which case you'll need to install egcs and egcs-c++). You should also install the kernel-headers package. Depending on what you're trying to compile, you may also need various libraries' development packages.
Usually, what you'll need to do will be: decompress the tarball that whatever you're trying to compile came in, cd to the dir the source is in, look at the docs, and probably run './configure' and 'make'.
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