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The complete LinuxPPC 1999 Q3 can be downloaded from:

  FTP:  ftp://ftp.linuxppc.com/linuxppc-1999/
HTTP: http://ftp.linuxppc.com/

Please read the detailed userguide at http://www.linuxppc.com/userguide/. It explains in detail how to install LinuxPPC Inc's distro from either FTP or the CD-ROM.

As of LinuxPPC 1999 Q3, you can do ftp/http installs using the X Linux Installer, by Jeff Carr of LinuxPPC Inc. over the typical in-house dial up connection. Please, note this method is slow over a 56k or slower connection -- expect to be dialed up to the net for several days, while your machine installs.

A better solution is to get all of the packages from the software folder and do a local hard drive install if you are on a dial-up connection (since you can use your machine in the Mac OS as you download).
jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu, arthur99@global2000.net

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I can install linuxppc-R4 over the net without a problem. I want to install linuxppc-pre-R5 over the net, but the installer.coff file is an older version and will not install pre-R5 correctly. I don't have a Mac partition (or any Mac media) left to install from. I need a boot floppy only solution. I can copy files to and from mac disks from my PC, I just need the equivalent of the installer.coff from R4.
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