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CD: MkLinux DR 3: By Prime Time Freeware
MkLinux DR 3 is the lastest version avalible on CD-ROM from Prime Time Freeware.

It is over a year and a half old, so it's not recommended that you choose this version of MkLinux. Important C Libary changes, security updates, and other general updates make this a poor choice.

A better choice would be to get either LinuxPPC Inc's LinuxPPC 1999 Q3 CD-ROM or Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1. They are much more up to date. If you are on a Nubus PowerMacintosh, you should look into using the LinuxPPC 1999 R5-G7 kit included with the CD-ROM or download MkLinux Release 1.0-preview from http://www.mklinux.org/, or wait for the final release (on CD-ROM) of MkLinux Release 1.0.

MkLinux Release 1.0 has no planned release date. However most of the packages are working to sasifactory level, just they haven't been fully tested.

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