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Imac USB (French) Keyboard
I have an iMac with a french keyboard. Failing to find a layout for it in LinuxPPC 'Halloween' , I sort of wrote the xkb files for it. It consists in a small (5K) tar.gz file available at: ftp://laog.obs.ujf-grenoble.fr/pub/imac/xkb_imac_fr.tar.gz
The file should be untarred in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb/, and one should take example on the XF86Config file also present in ftp://laog.obs.ujf-grenoble.fr/pub/imac/ to make X realize that the keyboard is *not* an american adb keyboard.
I have used the french Macintosh keyboard layout developed by Marc Shapiro as a template. Among other differences, the USB iMac keyboard has different keycodes. Users should be warned that the keyboard 'variant' selected in the XF86Config file is 'imac/fr(programming)' where I force the keys 'dead_grave/sterling' to map 'backslash/bar' and ALT-n to 'asciitilde' (a bit more useful for shell commands!). Selecting 'imac/fr' will revert to a true mac french keyboard. Normally (I have not tested) selecting 'imac/us' should do for an us usb imac keyboard.
Finally, one thing that I am proud of ("c'est encore plus beau quand c'est inutile") is that I wrote the geometry file for the iMac keyboard (to use with 'xkbprint').
PS: My apologies for not writing good state_of_the_art xkb files. The documentation associated with xkb is worth nothing when YOU have to make X learn a new keyboard...
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