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What are good books about System Administration?
Paul W. Abrahams and Bruce A. Larson "UNIX for the Impatient", 2nd ed. 
(Addison-Wesley, 1996), pp.824, ISBN 0-201-82376-4

Quote from the back cover:

"If you have ever struggled to use UNIX through system manuals or by bothering 
anyone who knows more than you do, you will appreciate this book."
Most books won't be MkLinux-spcific, but Unix books are appropriate, and
Linux books even moreso.

There are a couple free ones by the Linux Documentation Project, available
from www.linux.org: System Administrator's Guide and Network
Administrator's Guide.


Essential System Administration, by Aeleen Frisch, published
by O'Reilly and Associates, is one of the best introductions to the 
fundamentals of System Administration I've read. In general, for
any topics I have questions on, I look for an O'Reilly book.


Linux Unleashed, published by SAMS, has a great deal of
info pertaining specifically to Linux systems. It's a good source for
detailed info on commands, different shells (bash, csh, tcsh, etc.), shell
scripting, much more. Although it's written for Intel Red Hat Linux (and
comes with a Red Hat Linux CD), almost all the info is applicable to any
Linux system.


Matt Welsh, Lar Kaufman, Running Linux, O'Reilly, gives
a fairly good overview for the novice admistrator, and even user, to
some degree.  It's not great on detail, and some of it pertains to the
x86 crowd, but I find it quite useful for figuring out how to do
routine chores (mounting drives, building filesystems, kernel, etc.)
No CD.


UNIX System Administration Handbook
Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Scott Seebass and Trent R. Hein
2nd Edition
ISBN# 0-13-151051-7
This is to sysadmins as Kernighan & Ritchie is to C programming.
Practical in approach with lots of information plus everything is
illustrated by examples in all of the following operating systems:
Solaris, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, Irix, OSF/1, and BSDI.
As you can see its not MkLinux specific (or even Linux specific for
that matter) but everything is still applicable
Comes with a CDROM full of software and scripts.


(Please submit your favorite suggestions here!)
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