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Linux Bookshelf: How to learn to be a Linux User & Administrator
Here is a course of books by which you can go from Zero to Guru of Linux
"A Practical Guide to Linux"; Mark G. Sobel, Forward by Linus Torvalds; Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-89549-8 ; http://www.awl.com/cp/
---> The Best n0n-administrator's guide to how to use Linux and it's tools. <---

"Running Linux"; Matt Welsh and Lar Kaufman; O'Reilly & Assocates, Inc., ISBN 1-56592-151-8 ; http://www.ora.com
---> The Best ADMINistrator's guide to installing, modifying and upkeeping Linux systems. <---

"Inside Linux - A Look at Operating System Development"; Randolph Bentson; SSC. ISBN 0-916151-89-1 ; http:www.ssc.com/
---> An inside look at kernel deveopment historically and functionally. Oddly, as a neophyte to Unix/Linux I, found this book entertaining and helpful in putting a context in the OS Linux and it's workings. <---

"Linux in a Nutshell"; Jessica Perry Hekman and the "Beastpeople" Staff; O'Reilly & Assocates, Inc., ISBN 1-56592-167-4 ; http://www.ora.com
---> ANY book by THE BEASTPEOPLE is the beer of choice amonst books. <---

"X Window System User's Guide - for X11 Release 5"; Valerie Quercia and Tim O'Reilly' ( any relation?); O'Reilly & Assocates, Inc., ISBN 1-56592-014-7 ; http://www.ora.com
---> The Window System Book of Runes. There is a Motif Version too, ( be careful!) <---

"Learning GNU Emacs"; Debra Cameron and Bill Rosenblatt; O'Reilly & Assocates, Inc., ISBN 1-937175-84-6 ; http://www.ora.com
---> Somewhere between the Command Line and vi on the one hand and on the other hand AfterStep and The "K" Desktop there was an All Purpose Universe called: EMACS!<---

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