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PowerPC Linux
This category encompasses issues specific to the monolithic Linux ports. These include Paul Mackerras' linux-pmac port for PCI PowerMacs, as well as the unified LinuxPPC effort for non-Macintosh PowerPC machines. Questions that are applicable to all Linux/PPC ports don't belong in here.
(Category) BeBox
(Answer) PREP
(Category) Open Firmware
(Category) LinuxPPC on a G3
(Category) Installing LinuxPPC on a G3 Series Powerbook.
(Category) LinuxPPC Lite
(Category) LinuxPPC for PCI Macs
(Category) PowerPC Linux Kernel
Answers in this category:
(Answer) /dev/cdrom is missing.
(Answer) How do I use/install shared libs?
(Answer) How do I get sound working on my LinuxPPC box?
(Answer) /var/run/utmp is corrupted
(Answer) OF tells me i have "too many extents"
(Answer) Blank screen during install?
(Answer) BootX, what is it, and how do I use it?
(Answer) Installing MkLinux over LinuxPPC
(Answer) Kernel Panic with drives larger than 2 GB
(Answer) How to Install LinuxPPC Pre-R5 on a PB G3 Series
(Answer) Installing AppleTalk Module for LinuxPPC 1999
(Answer) Voodoo3 Support
(Answer) How can I get ICQ to work thru IP Masquerading?
(Answer) How do I get Linux to boot on a G4 with SCSI disks?
(Answer) How do I map a 2button ADB mouse to left & right click?
(Answer) How do I install Linux/PPC on a 2001 G4?
(Answer) Quik boot nto MacOS partition
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