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I get this message: "SIOCADDRT: network unreachable".
Taken from Jack Howarth's message to mklinux-setup:

> When I reboot, I do get the "SIOCADDRT: network unreachable" error, but I
> think that shows up all the time.  I can't ping in or out (I can telnet to 
> myself) on the MkLinux side.  I have full connectivity on the MacOS side.

That error is do to configuration changes that need to be made on
the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts ifcfg scripts when changing to   
the Linux 2.0.x kernel from 1.3.80. These changes are documented on



(posted to faqomatic by jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu)

Add'l comment from jonh: This will stump newbies a lot, because
README.additional is not in the most recent update. Therefore, if you
started with DR2 (FullRelease) and added the most recent update, you'll
miss it.
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