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Projects/Bugs in need of volunteer(s)
There are several bugs in MkLinux, many of which can potentially be fixed by people not associated with Apple or OSF. The Projects/People section lists projects that are "claimed". If you are interested in helping with one of those projects, contact the people mentioned. The projects listed here are "unclaimed". If you'd like to work on one of these, please contact me before you even start coding. With luck, that should prevent me from receiving ten different patches for the same problem that all accomplish the same thing. :-)

Mach Kernel Bugs:

        hash table halved bug (pmap.c)
                If there's enoguh memory in a system and the first block of
                memory is too full to hold a hash table for memory management
                (I don't know the details), the hash table must be halved,
                possibly more than once, to fit in the space.  To fix the
                problem, the code should, instead of always using the first
                block, find the smallest block that's larger than the hash
                table, or failing that, the largest block, then half the hash
                table as necessary (it shouldn't ever be necessary in that
                case), and finally, it should divide that block into two
                pieces, one for the hash table, and one to be freed, and
                add it back into the free list.  *NOTE* I've actually
                tried such a patch, but it doesn't work.  Contact me for
                my changes as a starting point if you're interested.
Desktop IDE probe bugs (mach_kernel/ppc/POWERMAC/wd.c) 1. IDE Zips are treated as ATAPI even when on a bus with a CD-ROM drive, causing the computer to hang when it tries to initialize sound support. (poss. also in wcd.c?)
I've fixed wd.c, I think. The problems remaining should be in wcd.c.
2. For some reason, on certain systems, when the hard drive is on bus 1 and the CD-ROM drive is on bus 0, the system hangs when probing the drives (or thereabouts).
I've attempted to fix this using alternate probe code, but it may or may not actually fix the problem....

Adding support:

        PowerBook ethernet:
                write driver or port linuxppc drivers (where applicable).
                Ethernet is known to work on the PowerBook G3 series.  Beyond
                that, your guess is as good as mine.  The real problem appears
                to be systems that have combination video/ethernet cards.
PCMCIA card support: after the framework is in place, drivers can be ported from linuxppc and/or linux x86. In most cases, these would be in the form of linux server modules or possibly even userland programs. -- *NOTE* this is not possible until the PCMCIA framework is finished.
Multiple ethernet support: Currently, the MkLinux OS only allows a single ethernet card to be used. I have absolutely no idea what would be required to eliminate this limitation.
DMA serial support -- NuBus First, the NuBus DMA serial apparently broke in late DR2.1. This may have to do with the PCI serial support, or may be related to switching the serial port devices. Odds are, the changes necessary to fix this are probably minor.
DMA serial support -- PCI Chances are, no sane person would attempt this, however, PCI PowerMacs currently do not have DMA serial support under MkLinux. This is a project for someone with lots of information about the hardware or lots of hardware hacking experience (ResEdit & MacsBug proficiency are basically a must).

Finally, if you're already working on one of these projects, please let me know, and I'll bounce it to the active list.

David A. Gatwood marsmail@globegate.utm.edu

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