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Getting Current Sources (globegate cvs tree)
To obtain the latest MkLinux sources, you should use the cvs tree on
cvs.mklinux.org.  Note that this is a development tree, and as such,
is not guranteed to be working on all systems at all times.

cvs -d":pserver:public@cvs.mklinux.org:/MkLinux" login   (pass: mklinux)

Mach Kernel sources:
cvs -d":pserver:public@cvs.mklinux.org:/MkLinux" get osfmk
cvs -d":pserver:public@cvs.mklinux.org:/MkLinux" get set_ode_path.sh
cvs -d":pserver:public@cvs.mklinux.org:/MkLinux" get build_world

vmlinux server sources:
cvs -d":pserver:public@cvs.mklinux.org:/MkLinux" get mklinux

Note that this checkout may not include the DR3.osfmk.tools.tar.gz
or ode-bin tarballs.  Both are required for building the Mach Kernel,
and at least one of them is required for building the vmlinux server.
If you have trouble building things, you may be missing one of these.
If so, download them from ftp.mklinux.apple.com or your favorite
mirror, or grab the relevant RPMs from ftp.mklinux.org.

David A. Gatwood
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