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Syntax error in configuration file (line 1)
Most likely, the file "bootstrap.conf" in your mach_servers folder has the wrong
kind of line terminators in it.  The program that is accessing that file is the
"bootstrap task", which is not very smart.  It only understands the UNIX-style
end-of-line, not the MAC-style end-of-lines.
On the FTP site, the bootstrap.conf file has UNIX-style end-of-lines.  Also, in
the mach_servers self-extracting archive on the FTP site, the bootstrap.conf
file has UNIX-style end-of-lines.  Somehow, the file was "converted" to
Mac-style end-of-lines between the time it left the FTP site and landed in your
mach_servers folder.  Several things could have caused this:

        1) You downloaded the bootstrap.conf file by itself in text mode.
        2) You edited the bootstrap.conf file, and your editor (or some other
           utility) converted the file to Mac-style end-of-lines.
        3) You downloaded the mach_servers self-extracting archive, and
           some utility on your Mac was "smart" and converted the bootstrap.conf
           file to text for you.

To solve this problem, you should re-FTP the file:

You must ensure that the file is FTP'ed in BINARY mode.  This might be
difficult, because the file "looks" like a text file.

As an alternative to re-FTP'ing the file, it has been reported that you can use
a text editor (such as BBedit) to edit the file and save it with Unix-style
The bootstrap task actually contained code to attempt to parse
mac text files, but it wasn't quite correct.  Several patches
later, "-current" kernels should fix this problem.  Download
the file ftp://globegate.utm.edu/pub/MkLinux/Mach_Kernel.generic.gz
and uncompress in binary mode with macgzip or stuffit expander,
rename it mach kernel (note the space) and place it in your
extensions folder (MacOS side).

David A. Gatwood
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