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My system hangs after the countdown at the boot dialog.
1.      Make sure virtual memory is turned off.
2.      Install Macsbug if you don't already have it installed.
3.      Deinstall Macsbug if you had it installed before.
4.      Try shrinking the disk cache.  (This one may be out of date.)
5.      Make sure no other extensions load before the MkLinux extension.
6.	Install the new mach kernel from ftp://ftp.mklinux.apple.com/pub/Updates/Dr2.1update1/Mach_Kernel.gz 
Copied from a note on mklinux-setup by The Great Mr. Kurtz [David A. Gatwood].
Additional note:
Be sure to try as well the latest WIP kernel (ftp://ftp.mklinux.apple.com/pub/wip).
It fixes many small problems with the Update1 kernel.
Additional note:
If you are running a PowerMac 7300, see the FAQ answer on getting 7300s to run (elsewhere in the FAQ-o-Matic).
 mendenmh@nashville.net  Marcus H. Mendenhall
jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu, mlan@selection-line.net, mendenmh@nashville.net
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