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System hangs after countdown on 7200/7300
What you need to get a 7200 to boot with DR2 is to use the MkLinux Booter from DR2 update 5 and the Mach Kernel from update 6. Once you got the 7200 Mklinux Box to boot, then deal with upgrading the Linux side of the system. With exception of the WIP vmlinuxs, also any booter/mach kernal will work them.
The same solution should work for 7300's. This note is an attempt to consolidate a few unnecessary entries in the FAQ-O-Matic.
The problem of the system hanging after boot time under DR2.1 
seemed to be remedied on my 7200 (as the faq on this topic suggests) by
upgrading to the WIP kernel (4/21/97) . But on the 7200 ,as I believe
another faq pointed out, we will then see those familiar bus errors 
after the countdown. On my system this problem is remedied by using
the version 1.1 booter (neither the 1.1.1 booter that came with dr2.1 
or the 1.0.1 booter that came with the dr2.0 cd worked) this file is 
available in the previous releases section of the apple ftp site 
I recently installed DR2.1 from scratch on an external disk (Quantum
Lightning, ~700MB, partitioned 300/48/300MB MkLinux + 50MB MacOS) on
my 7200/90 (16MB RAM, 2MB VRAM, 258KB cache card, 15" Apple multiscan).
As described above, DR2.1 fails to boot past the splash screen. I
downloaded update 2 from the Apple mklinux ftp site, updated the DR2.1
distribution (using Linux Disks (see update 2 README) under MacOS to
send the appropriate files to the MkLinux system). I also downloaded
the new MkLinux Booter (1.2.3) and installed that in MacOS.  After
those 2 updates, MkLinux booted up without any apparent hitches.
(NB: I don't have MacBugs installed.  I also reduced my MacOS disk
cache to 96KB. The external drive uses an Apple driver (from the hacked
Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.5).)
I'm booting MacOS of my internal (MacOS-only) drive - after the splash
screen, the MkLinux booting continues off the external drive. I'm
running MacOS 7.5.3 updated to 7.5.5.


Where can i download Mklinux Booter 1.2.3 ??
dhakim@proxicom.com, jmorley@gchannel.u-net.com
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