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My system hangs at bootup with a MESH scsi error.
Yeah.  That's a common problem.  You basically have a couple of choices.
   1. Install it on an external drive
or 2. Connect the internal drive to the external bus.
or 3. Wait until some of the current mesh problems are fixed in a future release.
Solutions 1 & 3 speak for themselves, but solution 2 probably needs a
little explanation.  The external bus (bus 1) is more properly called the
internal/external bus.  There's a connector for it on the motherboard. 
Disconnecting the drive's ribbon cable from the bus 0 connector and
connecting it to the bus 1 connector should do the trick.  Note that by so
doing, you must make absolutely certain that none of your external drives
have the same SCSI ID number as the internals (since they would then be on
the same bus). 
Copied by jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu from
a post by The Great Mr. Kurtz [David A. Gatwood] to mklinux-setup.
New! Try updating the Mach Kernel to the latest one found
at ftp://ftp.mklinux.apple.com/pub/wip/
(The most recent kernel there is Mach_Kernel.970114)
There is another Kernel that tries to address some of the MESH problems: 970115.
This Kernel does not, however, fix the problem on some IBM drives where you need
to set a jumper to disable 'TI Sync Negotiation'.
(see also /sysconfig/disks/ question 8: I have a problem with disk XYZ of company ABC..)

Wow.  Legacy answer.  I knew that first part looked like my writing....  Anyway,
many improvements have been made to MkLinux's SCSI code since then, but some problems
still remain.  If you're having trouble with a 7600/120, there's another section on
that machine's peculiar SCSI bug.  Otherwise, the general workaround is still to
switch busses.  Most drives should work normally without this, but many removable drives
still seem to have trouble.  (the latest kernels should fix hangs when switching cartridges???)
jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu, marsmail@globegate.utm.edu
So did mine. I have a StarMax 3000/180. 
I found it consistently gave me this error, except if I started up linux from a cold restart (turn off the power to the computer, not just restart) of the CPU and all of the external SCSI drives (I've got several).
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