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Does MkLinux run on a NuBus Powermac with the Sonnet Crescendo 604e accelerator card?
No.  I tried the Sonnet Crescendo 604e card in a 6100/66.  The Cresendo software 
was version 1.0.3, MkLinux Booter version 1.4, MacOS 8.

The Crescendo card comes with an Extension that you put into your extensions 
folder.  If you don't modify it, MkLinux will run just fine, but on the 601 
only, as if the Crescendo card weren't present.

For any hope of getting the MkLinux to run on the Crescendo, you have to get the 
Crescendo's extension to run before the MkLinux Booter.  This is accomplished by 
using resedit on the Crescendo extension.  I changed the type to "scri", and it 
ran before the MkLinux Booter.  Unfortunately, with this configuration, the 
MkLinux booter "hangs" at the "System Booting..." area.

I have not investigated further.

On a related note, x100 users interested in running MkLinux usingan accelerator should be pleased to note that Newer's accelerators
work with MkLinux with minimal difficulty (you have to do some
extension meddling to make it boot with the accelerator, and
you need to force the bus speed to be correct, but otherwise,
they pretty much 'just work').

I got an answer from Mike J. Wong <mike.wong@sonnettech.com>, Hardware/Software QA Analyst of Sonnet Technologies, Inc. Thanks Mike. He tells me to use the newest (1.3.6) Crescendo Extension and to remove "LibMotoSh" from Extensions Folder. But now I don't have the way to test it (I'm running MkLinux DR3 ceaselessly on my PM8100/100 without an accelerator card). If anyone can do that, please give feedback to Mike.
No. No. No.
I've got a 6115CD with the Sonnet Crescendo 604 card. I've tried all permutations of previously stated manipulations. i.e. Making the Crescendo extension type scri, making the MKLinux booter an INIT, removing LibMoto, etc. In all cases, the system just hangs on the Booter screen with the message "system booting." No such luck. Apparently these solutions work on the Newertech cards, I'd like to have Linux using my 604. XWindows really sucks on a 601 / 60 Mhz.
It should be noted that the newest versions of the crescendo extension (1.3.5 and the like) simply don't work, period, with my card even with Mac OS. The machine will just hang when it gets to them. Perhaps they were meant for the Crescendo G3 cards. It sure would be nice to know for sure.
Forget it. I've got the G3 version from Sonnettech on my 6100/60 & I've tried all that stuff with their ext. 1.3.7.

It just doesn't work.....(yet)

I have a 6100 with a Newer Tech MaxPower G3 PDS card. It works fine with MkLinux - I change the type of the "Mklinux Booter" extension from "scri" to "INIT" so it loads after the MaxPower extension. This makes the machine about 5X faster - MkLinux init computes 52 BogoMIPS w/o the G3, and 258 BogoMIPS with it. Note w/o the extension the G3 card actually slows the old 601 down, because it occupies the slot which would otherwise have the 601's L2 cache card.
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