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My colors are hosed, even at the console! (ATI Card on PCI Mac)
The suggestions and changes listed in the other entries in this file
are out-of-date and no longer apply.  A significant number of changes
have been made to the probe code and this should no longer be an
issue with *current* kernels.

For current kernels, check out the following ftp sites:


and get (minimally) the file Mach_Kernel.generic.gz

That's because it was fixed in DR2.1 and pulled out again in DR2.1update1
According to the Update1 REAMDE:

  The "probe" for the ATI card that exists in the DR2.1 kernel causes
  some problems for machines that do not have ATI cards.  Therefore,
  the probe (and support for the ATI card) must be enabled with a mach

Unfortunately, this isn't in any of the later update README's so if you
came late to the party, you missed it.  The solution is to go to your
MkLinux control panel, click on "Custom" to edit your lilo.conf
and add the line:

mach_options= video_probe=true

Note the space after the first '='.  If you already have a mach_options
line, just add video_probe=true to the end of it.

Update on Mklinux video problems on the PowerCenter Pro's: The Mach Kernel at ftp://ftp.mklinux.apple.com/pub/wip/971126 fixes the problem without having to rebuild ther kernel from sources. (Thanks Apple!)
Anthony Tong explains how to get colors to show up properly on PowerCenter Pro's 
under MkLinux Update 5 and above:

From atong@uiuc.eduTue Nov 18 22:13:51 1997

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997 13:41:18 -0500, Dave Marquard <djm2@acpub.duke.edu> wrote:
>I'm running MkLinux DR2.1 update 6, and am having problems with colors 
>being messed up at the console and in X.

It's funny how MkLinux barely does any video card programming at all
(it basically finds where the MacOS/ROM put the inited display), and it
still doesn't work properly. :-)

>Also, while Mk boots up, all sorts of error messages show up about 
>"set_pallete" or some such not found (I'm sorry that I can't remember the 
>exact messages). Not surprisingly then, vmode also dies with a similar 
>error if you try to switch resolutions or bit depths.


>I've tried setting video_probe = true in the Mach options, but that 
>didn't work, and I believe that that option is even obsolete as of update 5.

I forgot when they took it out, but it should work with update 4. update 5
grabs the openfirmware device tree from the booter, so they threw out
the probing code.

>I know that this a common problem, but I can't seem to find a solution to 
>it. Does anyone have any ideas?

Use the source.

This is from a cursory glance at DR2.1update5, no guaruntees ;-)

in DR2.1update5/osfmk/src/mach_kernel/ppc/POWERMAC/video_ati.c,
circa line 100, it should look something like:

static char *ati_names[] = {

stick "ATY,mach64_3D_pcc" in there somewhere. that's nice of apple to
remember that their powermacs aren't the only ones 1) running mk 2)
using ati cards.

Rebuild the mach kernel. The given directions are pretty complicated but
straight forward (??).. which means that I don't remember, so don't ask me.

Or, run linux-pmac.. works much better :-) I used to have mk installed on
my pcp 180 but it wasn't worth keeping, since linux-pmac is much faster
and strangely, more mature IMO.

anthony tong -> http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~atong 
             -> finger://atong@students.uiuc.edu for PGP key
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