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1710 monitor reverts to 640x480 on PMac 7300 when booting MkLinux
For some users like me (Power Mac 7300) the Apple 1710 display is only
able to display 640x480 when booting MkLinux.  Users are therefore denied
the higher resolutions that are almost a necessity for using X-Windows
When booted from another disk, use ResEdit to modify the System for
your MkLinux boot disk by replacing the "boot" resource ID #3 in the
"System" with the one found in the "System Enabler 702".   The new 
"System" doesn't change the resolution of the monitor before MkLinux
is booted. Now the user can change the monitor to any resolution and
boot up MkLinux to use that resolution.
Some background info for the solution:
The problem occurs because the 1710 reverts to 640x480 when the Mac
begins to boot up.  When MkLinux takes over, the display is left in this
state. As any user of MkLinux on the 7300 knows, the way to  prevent a
system lock up at the splash screen is to remove the "System Enabler 702"
from the System Folder on the MacOS boot disk (see elsewhere in this FAQ).
Removing this System Enabler has the bad side effect of causing the 1710
to revert back to 640x480 at the start of the MacOS boot sequence
(and subsequently changed to the user's preference at the end of the
sequence).  When booting up under System 7.5.5 (the 7300 default with
the System Enabler), the 1710 doesn't revert back to the lowest
resolution.   The monitor's resolution is only changed from its old
value to the user's preference toward the end of the MacOS boot.
A quick and dirty solution presented above is to provide enough of
the features that the System Enabler provides to correct the monitor
problem without providing the features that cause MkLinux to crash
when booting.
Tom Hays
Laboratory of Nuclear Studies
Cornell University
A similar thing may happen under newer versions of MacOS (7.5.3 and
newer, I _think_), regardless of monitor type.  In those cases, the
solution varies from toggling the settings back and forth once or
twice, to deleting the preferences for the monitors & sound control
panel and *then* toggling the settings back and forth once or twice.
I don't know if that has any bearing on the 1710 problem or not, though,
since I have neither a 7300 nor a 1710 monitor.

David Gatwood
marsmail@globegate.utm.edu (mailing lists)
I have been having the same problem with my setup. 7500/132, 1710 monitor, ati 4meg video card, Mklinux DR3. After hours of research I've come up with this...
First, take the Applevision extension out of your extensions folder. After doing this your monitor will still boot up 640x480 but would switch to my settings (800x600) before the Mklinux prompt. Then, it gets a little sketchy. I've put the "mach_options= video_probe=true" line in my custom setup in my mklinux control panel. This allows my ati card to work but the screen is VERRY "light" (kinda greyish). X looks fine but my term is all grey! I wonder if I could get some help for this!

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