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"Unimplemented trap" at MkLinux booter
It seems that a few things may cause the MkLinux booter to crash before allowing the user to select either MKLinux or MacOS. Another entry in the FAQ-O-Matic suggests bad PRAM settings may cause this. In addition, at least one disk driver may cause this crash. The presence of a SyJet disk with the driver installed from Squest Utilities 4.0.1 at boot time will cause this crash. Solutions: 1. Don't have the disk in the drive when booting the computer (not a good solution if you want to boot from this disk...) 2. Replace the driver on the disk with a compatible one. Silverlining seemed to work for me. 3. (Untested possible solution:) It also may be possible to remove the driver altogether from the disk (with pdisk?) if you don't need a MacOS partition or if you have a utility that will mount the disk after the fact.
Also, if your motherboard battery is dead (such that your clock gets reset each time you power off), you might also encounter this problem. Booting into MacOS and setting the correct time will fix the problem.
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