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X crashes when I hit the option key.
     X crashes when you hit the option key.
     You're using a non-apple keyboard.  Clone keyboards
     use different methods for sending keystrokes to the
     Try changing to an apple keyboard.  If that's not 
     possible, map the mouse2, mouse3 buttons to your 
     function keys rather than opt-2, opt-3.  Does
     anyone know how to do this?
Graham Bakay
1996 March 12
To remap to function keys, provide the following options to X (either
directly to X11 or by changing your xinit, however you start X):
-nooptionmouse -middlekey 115 -rightkey 121
This maps middle button to F14 and the right to F15.  If you don't have
F14 and F15, you can pick whatever buttons you want by looking at the
output from
xmodmap -pk
(while you're running X), which will give you the keycodes for all
your keys.

Also look in faq-o-matic category "X" which has a this same question and
talks about the "-nooptionpower" override to get rid of the option

gbakay@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca, ert@alum.mit.edu
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