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MkLinux Email Discussion Lists
As you've probably noticed, MkLinux questions are best asked on the MkLinux email discussion lists. For information on these lists, go to http://www.lists.apple.com and search for MkLinux. The main MkLinux mailing list is MkLinux-Setup, which is basically a general- purpose question and answer list. The other fairly active list is MkLinux-Development-System, where developers and others discuss changes to the OS itself. Most of the other lists (MkLinux-X, MkLinux-Advocacy, MkLinux-Development-Apps, MkLinux-Misc, etc.) are largely unread. The MkLinux-announce list is for announcements by the MkLinux team about MkLinux and other closely related topics. As such, only a few people can post to this list. It is recommended that anyone interested in MkLinux subscribe to this list to keep up with current events, but it is not a discussion list.
The mklinux-setup list is now called mklinux-users. The MkLinux development lists were consolidated into mklinux-development. The mklinux-announce list still exists. All other lists were unused for many years, and were purged.
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