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SCSI or ATA???
Hello... My name is Igor and I don't understand the hardwares very well... I am using a POWERMAC 6500/250. I am trying to install mklinux in my hard disk, but I can't do it!!! The mklinux install don't recognize my HD as a SCSI!!! I think that it is a ATA HD. I can't install linux in my hd??? (I did all the partitions and the only one driver that mklinux install recognize as a SCSI is the Zip drive)

Thanks Igor Willenshofer

MkLinux should work fine on your internal drive. However, since it is an IDE (ATA) drive, you must use DR3 or later. From the way your message read, it sounds like you were trying to install DR2.1 (or earlier) which would be pointless, since I don't think your machine was even supported that far back.

David A. Gatwood

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