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My Beige G3 keeps crashing with weird exceptions
Many PowerMac G3 machines came with an ultra-wide SCSI card. Unlike most SCSI cards, MkLinux has historically had problems running on systems that contain this card, due to a bug in the card's MacOS driver.
Because of this bug, the SCSI card will continue to do DMA transactions into the chunk of physical memory that had been assigned to it, obliterating whatever data was already there. This tended to be somewhere right on top of the mach kernel or the linux server.
Recently, an MkLinux developer, Ludovic Ishiomin, added code to BootX to allow it to boot MkLinux. Unlike the standard MkLinux Booter, BootX is open source. As a result, it contains code that disables the SCSI card correctly before booting Linux. This functionality should also carry over to booting MkLinux. For more information, go to the MkLinux web site at http://www.mklinux.org

David A. Gatwood

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