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Why MkLinux Installer doesn't see any A/UX parttions?
In the pdisk utility we deveded disk  with recomendated partition sizes,
the type was A/UX, the name was Linux.
However, MkLinux Installer  doesn't  see any  A/UX parttions. Why?
What types and names of partitions for MkLinux do we have to define?
Sergey Panskih

The type semms to be "Apple_UNIX_SVR2" (casesensitive ?) and for names
it may be a good idea to use root, swap and usr, i belive.

Frank Niessen
serg@cnti.chel.su, Frank.Niessen@golive.com
When I encountered this problem it turned out that my "Root" partition was actually a "Root/Usr" partition. If you are using Apples partitioning tool, make sure that you choose the "Root" partition option that does not include the Usr option. The names have to be the same as those outlined in the installation notes.
tjackson@usoe.k12.ut.us, milby@milby7.com
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