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MkLinux 2.1u5 boot: free_area_object_terminate!! for bug
If you get this kind of problem with MkLinux 2.1u5, and you have

a lot of RAM, read on:




Mach 3.0 VERSION(PMK1.1): gilbert <osfmk>; Tue Oct 21 13:50:08 PDT 1997;

mach_kernel/PRODUCTION (venus)


<lev 0> free_area_pager_init: vm_map err=0x3=3 "os/kern) no space


Debugger: mach3_debug

No debugger configured - dumping debug information

version string : Mach 3.0 VERSION(PMK1.1): gilbert <osfmk>; Tue Oct 21

13:50:08 PDT 1997; mach_kernel/PRODUCTION (venus)

bcktrace: 0021bf58 00230468 00214510 0020c0a0 002612af 00000000 00f27d00

100f4ea8 100cec44 100ceba8 100c99a8 10017ac4 100c335c 100008d0 100cfc6c


Please report the above messages to

bugs@mklinux.apple.com and reboot your machine.

(end quote)

From comp.os.linux.ppc: 

It is important to set a flag in the lilo.conf file (accessible

through the MkLinux control panel) which prevents the kernel from

trying to allocate too much memory.  Look at the README file

from the update directory, it tells you what to do if you

have a lot of memory.  

(I think the above refers to the -m flag, see below) 

> - A second segment register was added to the collocated server space.  This

>   means that the Linux server can map up to 512M when collocated.

>   NOTE: for systems with more than 160M of RAM, you should change a line

>   in your /mach_servers/bootstrap.conf file so that the Linux server

>   doesn't grow bigger than it thinks it can handle.  The line you will

>   want to have is:

>       -k -S 524288000 startup /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/vmlinux

>   Make this change _before_ you remove the "-m" option from your lilo.conf,

>   if you had used -m in the past.

FWIW, -k -S 524288000 startup /dev/boot_device/mach_servers/vmlinux

let me use u5 on my 7300/180 with 128M RAM. 
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