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Where is pdisk?
I'm passing along a question that as been the subject of a little war on the list.
So Here is the answer:
 <MKLINUX root dir>/FullRelease/Archives/Non_RPMS//FullRelease/Archives/Non_RPMS/
Hope it settle maters,
Philippe Laliberte
___ arsphl ___
Pdisk now also exists here:

This location also contains the binhexed MacOS version of pdisk.

Gilbert Coville <coville@apple.com>
The latest (and greatest?) version of pdisk can be found at


eryk vershen <eryk@apple.com>
Those links are broken, boys and girls.

Mac OS version:

You know, the last link doesn't work either. If it's no longer in the public domain, it would be good to know.
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