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Lego Robo-Rats

In the Fall 1998 robotics course, most students built lego ``robo-rats,'' which were designed for a competition in which the rats tried to find lego ``food'' and return it to a home location. This records the strategies used in the course for the inspiration of future participants, and to record some Handyboard tips.

The Rules

The Course

The Teams

The teams, in order of competition results:
  1. Maelzel
  2. Grim Reaper (a close second)
  3. P.A.B. and Smack Pusher (tied for third)
  4. Tazmanian Devil
  5. Jimmy and the Hot Gobbler
The photographs used in the pages above were taken by Lillie Ng and Jonathan Bredin. Their collections are: Lillie's robot photos and Jonathan's robot photos.

The Bending of The Rules

This page describes how some rules fared in the 1998 competition, and what we might do to fix them next year.

Handyboard resources

The link above points to some resources we found helpful in repairing Interactive C for the Handyboard.