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Can I mail jonh my questions about Linux?
If jonh is in the attributions list for a particular answer and you have a specific question about that answer, then sure -- it's just as appropriate as contacting any other contributor. Otherwise, no. I haven't even been following the linux-powerpc mailing lists carefully, so there's no reason to think I might know the answer to a random Linux question.

So how will you get your answer? Linux is largely a self-help enterprise: if you're willing to do your own homework, then it may be the operating system for you. Alternatively, there are commercial support services and consultants who would be happy to do your homework for a fee.

A quick guide to doing your own homework in the Linux world:

 - Search the FAQ-O-Matic carefully; try varying your search parameters
 - If you find a close answer in the faqomatic, you might ask the submitters
   of that question by email. Mention the URL of the answer you're referring
   to so they know what you're talking about.
 - Is it possible that your question is not PowerPC-specific? Better
   check the resources of the larger linux community. Start
   at http://www.linux.org.
 - Search the mailing list archives in (Xref) Pointers to other FAQs.
 - If that fails, join the appropriate mailing list and ask your question
   there. ((Xref) How do I get on an appropriate mailing list?)
Once you start finding answers to questions, do your part by ammending existing answers in the faqomatic, or creating a new question and answer where appropriate, so that the next person with the same question will find an answer.

If you got a link to this item as an email reply from jonh, I apologize for the bluntness, but I get a lot of questions that could have been answered by merely searching the faqomatic. I don't mind questions that are relevant to something I've actually worked on, but general linux questions are not welcome -- I'm a student volunteering my time, not a paid tech support person. If you are writing in reply to an answer in the faqomatic which has my name at the bottom, include the URL, and it will remind me why I might have reason to know what you're asking about. Thanks.

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