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What a lousy URL! How will I ever remember where this site is?
You're right. Here's a slightly better one:


If someone at linuxppc.org or mklinux.apple.com wants to make a more mnemonic URL that gets redirected over here, that would be fine. (Heck, I wouldn't even mind changing which site hosts this thing, if people think it would help.)

How about this for a URL? http://faqomatic.home.ml.org/
jonh@cs.dartmouth.edu, jk@esperance.com, moof@jet.es

I've added an HTTP redirect-based page at:


If you go to this page, it will automatically redirect your browser to the FAQ-O- Matic.

If you go to http://easy.to/REMEMBER/ you can choose a redirector URL. For example, http://w3.to/faq-o-matic/ is available. This is a free service and no advertising banners need to be placed on your site.
When a person uses that redirector URL, they'll briefly see a page that has text like this:
  "[ http://w3.to/alys/ ] 
   Thank you for using http://easy.to/REMEMBER/ 
   Forwarding to: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Dimension/9108/"
with a banner ad beneath it, and then they'll be automatically redirected to your web site.
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